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LEMD Genesis Mining

Get your Lemond Box fulfilled with Juicy APY.

Total Value Locked


Tanked up


Store goods in Lemond box!


Last Call !!!

Time of Snapshot : 12.00 UTC Mar 24th

Approx. Block Height: 1,565,421

Do remember to claim your LEMD test tokens to your wallet before it’s too late!

  • Genesis

    LEMD Genesis Pool

    Get OKT Token


    Staked OKT Tokens


    Unclaimed LEMD in pool



  • Airdrop Episode I

    Total LEMD to be airdropped : 1,000,000 LEMD
    Period of airdrop: 12.00 UTC, Mar 12 to 12.00 UTC, Mar 22

    *Real minted LEMD for Airdrop Episode I will be distributed on a 1:1 basis before the official launch of OKExChain by further notice.

    Invite to Stake MORE!

    You can invite up to 4 persons to increase your max amount of OKT for staking from 100 to 500.(100 up per invited person)

    *Effect will be activated after invited person stakes in the pool.

    Invited people: 0

    Click for detailed instructions.